About Romesh Hettiarachchi

(rom/esh het/ti/ara/chi)

I don’t fit into most boxes.

With more than a decade of experience as a business lawyer and entrepreneur, I take great pride in my ability to distill legal concepts into plain English and design and execute strategies to identify and address the challenges my clients face. I cherish the opportunity to contribute to the success of my clients.

On top of my 9-5, I’m a writer, spouse and father. My writings reflect my life experiences as an immigrant and Canadian citizen and are focused on sharing thoughtful and practical suggestions to help business owners adapt to the digital economy.

Professional Biography

A global citizen operating at the intersection of business, law and technology, Romesh Hettiarachchi leverages his experience to help business owners and entrepreneurs solve problems, minimize risks and build businesses designed to succeed in the digital economy.

Committed to supporting clients in the digital-first economy, Romesh writes for Entrepreneur Magazine and is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization’s Accelerator Program. Romesh provides legal services through B&I Legal Counsel.